One-on-one consulting with Neil Belcher.  Experience a passion and knowledge of luxury automobiles that is second to none.  Remaining a specialized boutique ensures that customers have access to personalized car consultation that can’t be found anywhere else.  Customers often drop by ‘The Stable’ to share in camaraderie over common passions and interests.

Restorations, Modifications, & Resto-Mods.

Make your car even more like you and like no other.  PAG customizes luxury and exotic vehicles to match customer preferences and identity.  From LED lighting, painted calipers, new rims, wheels, paint to applying model year upgrades; we keep our customers current to automobile trends and completely unique.

Restorations, Modifications, & Resto-Mods.

For Audi, Volkswagon & Porsche.

PAG has recently joined the APR Tuning team as the only Manitoba supplier, to offer additional services to customers who own a vehicle in the Volkswagen Group of products.  Engine performance tuning is available on Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen autos.

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PAG imports luxury and exotic vehicles and specialized parts and accessories for luxury and exotic vehicles; the importing process is end to end, with Neil acting as a broker, researcher, purchaser, importer, transporter, and Canadian Compliance consultant.


End to End Services.




Neil Belcher.

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Personal, uncompromised service & enduring relationships. Reputation is everything.

Reputation is everything.